Weapon Classifications

I am thinking of grouping all standard weapons into one general type. Each weapon classification would have a preferred damage type. Swords would be slashing, bows would be piercing, hammers would be blunt, etc.

Then assign a preferred weapon damage type per class. When a class uses their preferred damage-type weapon they get a bonus for its use.

A standard troupe fighter for example would get at least a 10% damage bonus when using slashing weapons. This could extend to penalties for using opposing damage types like blunt.

The penalty could be greater than the bonus to help reinforce the use of appropriate damage types.

This could lead to a mastery system where a character could take additional skills/training to improve or learn new damage types without a penalty.

Not to get off track, iron out the basics of the system first.

Basic weapons would be listed under General. Basic Armor would follow this same path.

Each weapon or armor would be assigned a class preference. When matching that class preference the character would enjoy a bonus. When not matching, the character would receive a small penalty for its use. If the item is in opposition, they would receive a severe penalty.

All general weapons and armor would be under the same arch type. The bonus/penalty would be assigned directly to the item in use.

Now, how to make it work in RPG Maker 😉

Update: 05/27/2023 All weapon types will need to be grouped into their basic damage type. Blunt, Slash, Pierce.