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MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.10

Started by Andy, August 07, 2018, 05:55:18 am

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Patanica: The Beginning Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.10 -- COMPLETE --

- fixed sleep cycle with inn interaction. Shows ZZzzs and plays music now.
- fixed issue with Beginners Quest when accepting new quest would cause an issue for it to repeat.
- all respective Training Masters are back in their own homes again. Please visit them there.
- the weapons database has been cleaned up finalized for all classes. Weapons now belong to one of 3 damage types, pierce, slash and blunt. Each class has their own specific weapon the can use that is reflective to their class. The first two tiers of each weapon type can be purchased at the local general store.
- all damage for each weapon has been revamped and standardized.
- top tier weapons of epic and legendary quality may be added at a later date.
- fixed issue with provisioner gear. Provisioners could not equip weapons.
- fixed rival banker guild event. not properly respawning. event does not erase and then re-appear. stays on map after defeating lesser enemies. event still cancels when main boss is defeated.
- respawn event rewritten and provisioner beginners quest event fixed.
- adjusted damage output on dual wield, one handed, two handed weapons and damage type.
- additional database work on events and notations for features updates.

Worked on making sure the beginners quests work as intended. Still have to work on itemization for armors and items. All weapons attainable in the game have been finalized.

The next step will be working on the main story line. Depending on the progress the next update might take a while.

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