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MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.09

Started by Andy, July 31, 2018, 02:23:16 pm

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Patanica: The Beginning Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.09 -- COMPLETE --

 fixed - issue with game not properly updating on web server. Depending on browser you may have to clear your cache.
- fixed - OOC Heal. Out of Combat Heal. Put in place to help with play testing.
- Curate script implemented.
- worked on Curate weapon itemization. 1H Mace line is completed.
- corrected event that was given wrong starting gear to new curates.
- changed all npcs that can be added to group to auto battle. Player still has to fight manually.
- fixed - soldier's beginner quest after making some back end database changes.
- fixed - could not attack monsters for the curate class to complete beginner quest.
- fixed - loop issue when starting another master's beginners quest after completing your beginner quest for your class. when accepting next beginner's quest it would loop. was missing an additional check.
- fixed - need to fix all switches for the beginner quests. Revised the switches and all events that call them have to have to be fixed ASAP
- fixed - working on resolving save file issue.
- fixed - issue with starter quests. once a line is completed need to work on event so that a player can complete each starter quest.
- fixed - fix provisioner's  bq dialog, not acknowledging you have already spoken and repeats description instead instructing player they have already spoken.
- fixed - need to block players from leaving town until all starter quests are completed.
- fixed dialog for Master Kell
- Provisioner Beginners Quest completed. Minor issue with the script but still works. Will be fixed next update.
- fixed - players can now leave town when all beginner quests are completed.

This update was focused around making sure a player could complete all the beginner quest. There are still a few kinks to work out but all quests can be completed.

If you run into an issue were a quest giver gives you the same quest over. Just continue to talk to them until the quest completes.

Next patch will be focused on itemization and the few remaining bugs with completing the beginner quests.

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