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DDCN Movie Review: Alien Uprising

Started by Andy, December 18, 2014, 06:55:22 am

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Alien Uprising
2012 R 1hr 41m R

The Story: One night five friends are out drinking, the next they're struggling to survive in a landscape controlled by alien invaders in this sci-fi chiller.

What we thought: Where to start. As most of you who know me I love bad movies. Well the overview pretty much tells the whole story. This movie was bad. You figure with Jean-Claude Van Damme how bad could it be? Well it is bad.

Right from the start you are like wtf is happening? I don't get it. movie starts with a flash back of the end of the movie. However you can't tell it's a flash back. So you're like wtf is happening?

Then throughout the rest of the movie more flashbacks or are they dreams? You can't really tell. They just keep popping up out of no where.

They try to build up the relationship between the friends through various events that are supposed to make us care? Oh, by the way more flashbacks or I say flash forwards. Because everything you see happens later in the movie.

Around the middle of the movie it gets interesting for a while. Good tension building, story almost became solid and then it went off the deep end.

I have to say I did like the ending. This really helped with my final rating. On Netflix the movie is rated about 1 1/2 stars. I gave it a 3, well because you. I'm a sucker.

If you're bored and just want to see another bad movie this is a good choice. Otherwise, well you know. Watch something better b)

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