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PS4 Elder Scrolls Online: Recruiting
« on: July 18, 2015, 07:12:40 PM »

PS4 Elder Scrolls Online
North American Mega Server

Ember is currently recruiting for the
North American Mega Server.

mber is my first start up guild for the Elder Scrolls Online MMO. I am looking for causal players who enjoy questing and trade skilling. I envision Ember as a friends and family guild where you can chill out.

I am just looking to have some fun and hang out with like minded relaxed people. Ember is a small guild. I have no plans on making it anything more then that. You can call us your "side guild::).

I am trying to keep it simple but I feel I must include the below with our recruitment post. Don't worry, we won't hound you about reading the guild website or filling out some long application. Ember at this time is: OPEN INVITE.

I'll just ask you read what's below. If you're on board. Request an invite to the guild.

I look forward to seeing you ingame

PSN ID: Carrissis

mber: Laws of the Land

1) PG-13 Public and Guild Channels: Remember, some of the members may have their chat audio going through their television. If you are asked to stop, please stop. If you are having an issue at home or handling personal issues (i.e. taking a phone call). Unplug, mute or turn off your input audio.

2) Hate Speech: Any sort of defamatory racial, hate speech, shaming, harassment, explicit sexual conversation or anything else deemed too excessive for public chat will be subject to immediately removal from the guild. Please be aware. We do not intend to censor. Just use some common sense. If your's is not working. Use someone else's  ;D.

3) Common Courtesy and Common Sense: These always seem to be elusive and in short supply. I, on the other hand have faith in each member's ability to govern themselves. Just try to be friendly and fair. Let's keep it simple.

mber: Requirements and Commitments

Joining Requirements: If you're a body and not a total asshat, welcome aboard! The purpose of Ember is to have a place to goof off and chill out. I am not looking for a committed relationship 8).

Guild Commitments: Ember has no required time commitments or guilds dues. Planned events (if any), will be optional. Feel free to maintain your other responsibilities and requirements first.

Bank Usage: When we get enough members to open the guild bank. Any member may donate or request an item out of the guild bank for use. The sale of items donated to the guild is strictly prohibited.

In the event we get an excess amount of a specific item, we will send out a communication. Any active member can request the item(s). If more then one member requests the item(s). It will be lotto'ed and giving to the winner.

Items cleared from the bank in this manner are not subject to the "no sale rule". A player recieving item(s) in this manner has full discreation.

Guild Vendor: At this time Ember will not be bidding on guild vendors. If we do acquire a guild vendor, all members will have equal access to sell their wares.

Selling to Members: Selling items to other members is permitted and encouraged. We ask that you offer fair and competitive prices and/or trade agreements. At no time will it be assumed that you must give items for free to another guild member. The deal you make is between the parties involved.

That about sums it up. Thanks for reading!
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