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MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.12
« on: June 02, 2014, 10:59:09 AM »

MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.12 -- COMPLETE --

- Fixed an issue with the Provisioner quest. The mobs where not spawning because the wrong switch was selected. This has been corrected.

- The two wandering rat spawns in Ritwald are now dependent on having the "Used Equipment Voucher" in inventory. This should prevent players from having any encounters before they have their starting gear.

- Edited and corrected dialog for Reginald Bon'Claire.

- Changed dialog a bit when receiving starting gear from Von.

- added the upgraded versions of the starter weapons for completing the beginning class quests for the soldier and curate. The provisioner will receive 1,000gp which they can purchase two lesser daggers with or use as they please.

- Added new map, Ritwald Gospel Chambers. Still closed to general play test. Requires GTB (Game Tester Book) to access area.

- Renamed Town Tunic and Cap to Ritwald Town Tunic & Cap.

- Working out a cost structure for itemization. The current setup seem to be hit or miss. I am leaning towards a multiplier system that adjusts cost dynamically based on the added to an item. More on this later. In the mean time I am just going to add some of the existing items from the base program for players to buy.

- Renamed all armor types to better represent their roles in the game.
 1 ) Casual Clothing - This is around town clothing that any class can wear.
 2 ) Common Armor - Basic armor all classes can wear.
 3 ) Soldier Armor - Class specific armor for the Soldier Class.
 4 ) Soldier Shield - All large shields have been reclassified as Soldier Shields.
 5 ) Curate Armor - Class specific armor for the Curate Class.
 6 ) Curate Shield - All small shields have been reclassified as Curate Shields.
 7 ) Provisioner Armor - Class specific armor for the Provisioner Class.

Note: The class specific armors are intended to help make itemization a little easier. Each time a new piece of armor is introduced it will have a set amount of points assigned to it. These points will be distributed according to the class it is to represent. So if an item has a total of 50 stat points. Those points will be put into key areas that compliment the class they are set for. I am still deciding on which primary stat will represent each class.

- Corrected armor usage references for each class. All classes have access to casual clothing, common armor and their respective class armor types only.

- All actors now start with Ritwald Town Hat and Tunic. Adjusted the value of these items up from 5gp to 50gp. The player can sell them for extra cash to buy supplies etc.

- Removed overlapping of skills in the actor vs class areas. All skills are now assigned by class. No skills are assigned to an actor by default.

- Currently working on naming structure for each class of armor. Taking a break.

- Defined a conversion rate for standardizing armor statistics. All armor pieces are based on a defense rating point value. Armor has two basic groups of stats, primary and secondary.

Primary Stats: Attack (ATK), Defense (DEF), Agility (AGI), Luck (LUK)
Secondary Stats:  Magic Attack (MAT), Magic Defense (MDF), Maximum Hit Points (MHP), Maximum Magic Points (MMP).

- Completed the armor sets for the 3 classes.

- Removed "Equipment Voucher" and replace with class specific equipment vouchers.

- Corrected all entries for all 3 starting classes to use the new equipment vouchers.

- Rewrote the event for Von Bon'Claire in the Ritwald Sword & Shield.

- The class armor is done but not attainable in the game yet. This will be corrected with the next update.

Plans for next update:

- Work on Ritwald Gospel Services.

- When a character levels up, their hp/mp restores.

- Work on main story line.

- Misc stuff as I find it.

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