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MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.09
« on: May 05, 2014, 04:00:05 PM »

MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.09 -- COMPLETE --

- Completed Soldier starting quest line.

- Adjusted how town quests are handled if the player has not completed the beginning class quest lines. All town quests not related to class quests will check to see if the "BClassQuest" switch is on. Once the class quest is completed the switch will be turned off. Allowing the player to access the town quest.

- Changed the "BClassQuest" switch to be turned on when the player first speaks to the father instead of the class master. The class master will turn this switch off when the quest line is completed.

- Rewrote Thomas Clover spider quest.

- Rewrote Donald Fhin quest at the Ritwald Teahouse. Still needs some minor adjustments. Added spawn events in Ritwald forest tied directly to the quest. Changed story a bit. Fhin is a long lost friend of the main character. Left open ended. May use character for future quests.

- Utilized an idea with random spawn events. Same monster spawn but different dialog. So on repeating events like the Donald Fhin quest when the thugs attack. They can say one of three things each time you run into them.

- Adjusted base spawn %'s for events. Common 50% (1 to 50), uncommon 25% (51 to 75) and rare 25% (76 to 100).

- Cleaned up event code for both Dire Slime and Dire Spider events in Ritwald town relating to their quest chains.

- Fixed Thomas Clover Spider Quest. Was missing a "Control Self Switch: A = ON".

- Looking to add a lock picking skill for Provisioners. Going to look on the forums to see how other people built this skill since it is not included in the base RPG Maker.

- Starting to build Curate Class Quest.

- Added two new skills, "Shield Bash" for Soldier Class and "Holy Fire" for Curate Class.

- Curate class quest is complete but needs more testing. Monster special abilities are not firing during combat. Pushing to next weeks update.

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