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MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: Patanica: The Begging PreAlpha Ver:1.00
« on: June 20, 2016, 01:21:28 PM »
MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: Patanica: The Begging PreAlpha Ver:1.00 -- COMPLETE --

Well today mark's the first official update of the new / old project. I am rebuilding the project from the ground up from the previous build in RPG Maker VX/ACE to RPG Maker MV.

I decided instead of using a converter I will just redo everything. The rebuild will be a slow process and I will work on getting back to weekly updates on the forums.

The big change comes with the game being hosted on my web server at Patanica: The Beginning. I will be posting the weekly update to this address and is currently playable in the smallest sense of the word.

Just so you know, nothing works, everything is broken or incomplete and there is literally NOTHING to do other then go through the very incomplete character creation process. Man it's terrible.

Also be aware none of the sounds are right. So turn your speakers down lest you get blasted into the next century.

With that said I as mentioned above I will be getting back to weekly updates with a call to play test at the beginning of each month. I will try to post the new update to the web server by Tuesday of each week.

Feedback is welcome at anytime. I will work on a process for submitting bug reports, requests and general feedback. For the moment I will be concentrating on getting the game to a semi-playable and maybe even enjoyable start.

Any questions or comments please leave me feedback here or on Facebook.

Thanks Again!

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