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General Discussion / PS Vita Memory card on sale at Amazon - Huge savings!!!
« Last post by Andy on June 27, 2014, 04:27:36 PM »
16GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card

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Game Tips and Tricks / Sims Freeplay: Tips and Tricks index.
« Last post by Andy on June 27, 2014, 06:33:22 AM »

A collection of tips and tricks for the
Sims Freeplay on iOS/Android.

Have an interesting tip or trick. Just submit a post on this board.
Once verified it will be added to the official list of Tips and Tricks for the Sims Freeplay.
As a friendly reminder please do not post exploits.

Tips & Tricks:

Sims Freeplay: Building a Life Point Farm

General Discussion / MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.13
« Last post by Andy on June 11, 2014, 09:43:27 AM »

MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.13 -- COMPLETE --

Last of the public updates. We are beginning the final quest line development. No new Pre-Alpha updates will be posted to the public. Once the game reaches Alpha staged we will begin posting public updates.

- Added Dev Team Fred's castle F1 map.

- Added Castle Courtyard map to better tie in castle interior map.

- Fixed Banker Guard at Merchant Bankers. Was having pathing reset issue.

- Converted other castle interior maps to match same tileset.

- Complete rewrite of the Donald Fhin event. Prepping for the final quest line. Was a huge undertaking.

- Ton of various tweaks and fixes.

General Discussion / ** UPDATE ** NationVoice Ventrilo Support ends...
« Last post by Andy on June 05, 2014, 09:31:31 AM »
Well it seems NationVoice struck a deal with to take over all of their verified accounts.

I was able to submit a ticket and get my lifetime server moved to

Even though we don't use vent/teamspeak/mumble that often anymore it is nice to have.

Great job on getting us moved over!

General Discussion / NationVoice Ventrilo Support ends...
« Last post by Andy on June 04, 2014, 05:35:45 AM »
So I am checking my emails the other day and I get this...
NationVoice System Message:

06/02/2014 09:39 PM
Subscribers of NationVoice

 On April 16, 2014, our Ventrilo license, which was issued in 2005 was revoked by Flagship Industries.  Since that time, we have not billed or accepted any further orders from new or existing customers. We have also disabled the ability to purchase any services from our website. Nationvoice would like to extend a formal apology for the lack of communication during this service interruption. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests, we could not respond to any NationVoice Support or Sales inquiries via our web based ticket or phone systems. Going forward, we will no longer be doing business with Ventrilo.  We will instead be continuing service for all customers with myMumble. This is our second attempt to reach out to those whom were actively using our services on April 16th, 2014. If you’re receiving this email and have already received a refund from Nationvoice directly, or through other channels such as PayPal or your card issuing bank, then we cannot qualify you for the offer below to re-establish your service.

 We are going to be providing FREE service for the term of your paid service subscription.  All that you need to do is submit your proof of purchase of your Ventrilo monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or yearly service, and email address used to register your account via a Sales ticket to  We will also be including our proprietary AFK/Idle script, which will move inactive users to the channel of your choosing.  Please also include your preference of location from our Network Map as well, as we offer many new locations that Ventrilo did not offer. In 2012, we did launch our Mumble division, along with the option for customers to switch from Ventrilo to Mumble as needed.  At this time, myMumble is only providing Mumble software, which our user base has found to be far superior, and dramatically easier to maintain and support.  NationVoice would like to thank all of it’s customers for the years of service, and the community support received since it’s inception.

From 2004, NationVoice was the #2 most popular search term for signing up for Ventrilo services, and over the years, Nationvoice has contributed support to the community in many forms, to include Technical Support on the Ventrilo forums, gaming conferences, tournaments, financial sponsoring of major gaming groups, and events at our own expense.  We did so to offer not only our customers, but gamers in general, the experience that is associated with Ventrilo.  This was not something we saw from our competitors, particularly upon the developmental stages of the Ventrilo brand.

Since the summer of 2012, NationVoice has been under the primary operation of a single employee, which, under normal circumstances, did quite well with regards to customer support and service.  NationVoice has had a few subcontractors to do some maintenance work to keep the servers online with minimum interruption.  However, due to unforeseen acts of nature, deteriorating relationship with Flagship Industries, server compromises, and the removal of several untrustworthy contractors, the business end of NationVoice has been handled personally by the owner.  The NationVoice website was also removed repeatedly (May 2010 and April 2011 respectively) from the hosting providers page. This repeatedly caused severe loss of business, as that was the primary source of our website traffic, next to industry word-of-mouth. The decision on both occasions to remove Nationvoice as an official provider of Ventrilo services on the hosting page were not related in anyway to unpaid license fees.

The hosting page removal from April 2011 was due to a non-violation of our License Agreement, with Flagship Industries and all attempts to communicate with Flagship Industries over the last 3 years to restore our listing and reputation which included emails, phone calls, text messages, and confirmed postal mail have gone ignored.  Our most recent attempts, as of April of 2014 in attempt to resolve the license fee issues with Flagship was met with the same treatment.  As such, NationVoice is no longer sponsoring, endorsing or providing the Ventrilo software.


John Cannarozzo
Owner, NationVoice Communications, LLC

Well it was fun while it lasted. Looks like my services will be moving to We shall see how it goes...

General Discussion / MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.12
« Last post by Andy on June 02, 2014, 10:59:09 AM »

MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.12 -- COMPLETE --

- Fixed an issue with the Provisioner quest. The mobs where not spawning because the wrong switch was selected. This has been corrected.

- The two wandering rat spawns in Ritwald are now dependent on having the "Used Equipment Voucher" in inventory. This should prevent players from having any encounters before they have their starting gear.

- Edited and corrected dialog for Reginald Bon'Claire.

- Changed dialog a bit when receiving starting gear from Von.

- added the upgraded versions of the starter weapons for completing the beginning class quests for the soldier and curate. The provisioner will receive 1,000gp which they can purchase two lesser daggers with or use as they please.

- Added new map, Ritwald Gospel Chambers. Still closed to general play test. Requires GTB (Game Tester Book) to access area.

- Renamed Town Tunic and Cap to Ritwald Town Tunic & Cap.

- Working out a cost structure for itemization. The current setup seem to be hit or miss. I am leaning towards a multiplier system that adjusts cost dynamically based on the added to an item. More on this later. In the mean time I am just going to add some of the existing items from the base program for players to buy.

- Renamed all armor types to better represent their roles in the game.
 1 ) Casual Clothing - This is around town clothing that any class can wear.
 2 ) Common Armor - Basic armor all classes can wear.
 3 ) Soldier Armor - Class specific armor for the Soldier Class.
 4 ) Soldier Shield - All large shields have been reclassified as Soldier Shields.
 5 ) Curate Armor - Class specific armor for the Curate Class.
 6 ) Curate Shield - All small shields have been reclassified as Curate Shields.
 7 ) Provisioner Armor - Class specific armor for the Provisioner Class.

Note: The class specific armors are intended to help make itemization a little easier. Each time a new piece of armor is introduced it will have a set amount of points assigned to it. These points will be distributed according to the class it is to represent. So if an item has a total of 50 stat points. Those points will be put into key areas that compliment the class they are set for. I am still deciding on which primary stat will represent each class.

- Corrected armor usage references for each class. All classes have access to casual clothing, common armor and their respective class armor types only.

- All actors now start with Ritwald Town Hat and Tunic. Adjusted the value of these items up from 5gp to 50gp. The player can sell them for extra cash to buy supplies etc.

- Removed overlapping of skills in the actor vs class areas. All skills are now assigned by class. No skills are assigned to an actor by default.

- Currently working on naming structure for each class of armor. Taking a break.

- Defined a conversion rate for standardizing armor statistics. All armor pieces are based on a defense rating point value. Armor has two basic groups of stats, primary and secondary.

Primary Stats: Attack (ATK), Defense (DEF), Agility (AGI), Luck (LUK)
Secondary Stats:  Magic Attack (MAT), Magic Defense (MDF), Maximum Hit Points (MHP), Maximum Magic Points (MMP).

- Completed the armor sets for the 3 classes.

- Removed "Equipment Voucher" and replace with class specific equipment vouchers.

- Corrected all entries for all 3 starting classes to use the new equipment vouchers.

- Rewrote the event for Von Bon'Claire in the Ritwald Sword & Shield.

- The class armor is done but not attainable in the game yet. This will be corrected with the next update.

Plans for next update:

- Work on Ritwald Gospel Services.

- When a character levels up, their hp/mp restores.

- Work on main story line.

- Misc stuff as I find it.

General Discussion / MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.11
« Last post by Andy on May 18, 2014, 03:26:46 PM »

MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.11 -- COMPLETE --

Notes: This weeks 1.11 update is done. The 1.12 update will include some basic itemization and some side quests. All 3 starting class quests are completed. Please feel free to play through the starter quests and give me some feed back.

If you are not already a play tester. Register on the forums and send me a PM requesting to be made a play tester.

Thanks Andy
The DDCN Administrator

- Added two additional slime spawns to the Soldier starter quest. Learned a trick that allows all spawns to stop at the same time if the main slime is defeated.

- Adjusted all Thug spawns for the Donald Fhin quest to be event touch instead of player touch. This will make them harder to avoid when passing through the Ritwald Forest.

- Rewriting the Thug spawn event for the Donald Fhin quest. Expanded the Ritwald Forest encounters. If the player encounters the Thug Boss and defeats him all thug encounters are turned off in the Ritwald Forest. The Thug Boss gives the player a stern warning and the the party gains +1000xp.

- Fixed VSE DR 1% on the Thug encounters. Was being called in the wrong place like the previous events where before being fixed.

- Added 3 new items. Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. For the moment they are to sell to merchants so the player can make some money.

- Renamed cure poison cycle to Weeping Peddle Plant under common events. Added some additional text and a small HP regen effect that happens after use if the character is poisoned. Changed it so if the player interacts with the weeping peddle plant it gives them a message it cures poison.

- Fixed all instances of the weeping peddle plants in Ritwald Forest.

- Lowered entrance cost require to 1,000gp from 10,000 for first interaction with the Merchant Banker at the Reginald Bon'Claire house.

- Changed the merchant banker outside the gate to require a game tester book to see.

- Started Provisioner quest line.

- Finished Provisioner Quest line... finally :)

- Fixed various encounter bugs.

General Discussion / Re: MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.10
« Last post by Andy on May 16, 2014, 10:03:05 AM »
Click "Home" on the forum menu. Look to the left. The DL link is listed just above the gallery icon.
General Discussion / Re: MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.10
« Last post by Watzl on May 14, 2014, 02:36:45 PM »
Where is the download link my friend?
General Discussion / MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.10
« Last post by Andy on May 13, 2014, 12:31:20 PM »

MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.10 -- COMPLETE --

- Corrected text when you pick up the note from the rock for the Fhin Delivery quest.

- Added level up notification when collecting xp from a quest. In the early quests it is common to jump several levels at once.

- Verified and tested that players are now properly receiving skills during the level up process.

- Fixed an issue when defeating encounters and "VSE DR 1% and 5%" not firing correctly.

- Added a new event for clearing a path the castle at Timberlake Farm. Not fully tied to a quest as of yet. However it works.

- Switch random monster events to "Event Touch" from "Player Touch".

- Renamed "EV001" to "Base Monster Event". This even can be used for all basic random monster events. Has all corrected and updated features. Copy / Event to where you want it, then edit event to spawn the monsters you want.

- Added some random encounter events back to the Ritwald Forest and Ritwald Town. Also added random encounters to Nann's Hidden Pass.

- Some update this week. Next week's update will include the Provisioner changes.

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