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Title: Microsoft ends free custom email domain support for
Post by: Andy on April 11, 2014, 03:50:31 PM
Original Post: Microsoft ends free custom email domain support for (

For those who do not understand. Google, Microsoft and a few other companies offer(ed) a program where you can route your domain specific email through their servers instead of using your host provider. The benefit normally includes increased security and reliability.

This means if you manage a domain name like you can setup email addresses like and use their email client. To the external user this appears seamless. They send and receive emails as normal.

This type of email setup is known as a vanity email address. So instead of giving an email like you can give an email of and still access and manage that email through For a business this appears to be more professional.

Additionally, you can setup email addresses for other users using your domain name. For a small business this is invaluable. You can assign personalized email addresses to each specific person with your domain name. This also allows people with a smaller user base to use whatever naming format with little to no worry that the name is already taken. So instead of having to be you could easily be

When a person leaves or is no longer affiliated with your company/domain, you can remove/revoke access to that specific email address.

The other nice thing is the basic setup only requires a moderate level of knowledge. Most web admins will have little to no trouble getting this working out of the box. Once you have done it a few times it is pretty easy.

It is sad that Microsoft is ending this in hopes to force people to sign up for their Office 365 business package. I hate the idea of moving to Google or using my host provider email client. Having tested several companies extensively awhile back, I found offered the best service for this.