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Post by: Andy on April 30, 2015, 02:41:22 PM
This is what I posted for feedback on the last family guy event.

What are the best points of the Star Trek event?
- The stories were amusing. The humor was right on par for I expected from Family Guy.

Were there any negative points?
- At the beginning of the event it felt like everything took for ever to unlock. The entire event felt pressed for time and was becoming stressful.

Did you play the whole event freemium?
- I himmed and hawwed when the first premium character came out.I decided since my love of Star Trek was great. I bought all premium characters as soon as they came out. I cannot imagine I would of been able to complete half as much without them. (this is not a compliment)

If so, was there anything you couldn’t unlock or achieve?
- Still doing quests. My main objective of getting Kirk has been completed.

If you played as a premium player, what did you buy? And what have you unlocked?
- I only purchased the characters. The premium rooms hold no value to me since we will loose them once the event is over.

Could you complete all the quests? If not, why?
- I am pretty sure I will get all done with the extention.

If you had the chance, would there have been anything you would’ve changed with the event?
- Less premium requirements to feel like you're getting somewhere.

Is there anything you were expecting during the event but didn’t see? Certain characters? Buildings?
- A MUCH better looking Enterprise Model for my town. What we got looks like a carpet...

What do you think about saying farewell to the Enterprise once the event is over? Will you be designing a Star Trek district area?
- It's a neat area. I will miss it.

Do you have any suggestions?
- With the addition alternate areas. It would be interesting to explore internal areas like the Griffin house for example. The town already feels cramped.

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