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Title: MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.11
Post by: Andy on May 18, 2014, 03:26:46 PM

MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: 1.11 -- COMPLETE --




Notes: This weeks 1.11 update is done. The 1.12 update will include some basic itemization and some side quests. All 3 starting class quests are completed. Please feel free to play through the starter quests and give me some feed back.

If you are not already a play tester. Register on the forums and send me a PM requesting to be made a play tester.

Thanks Andy
The DDCN Administrator

- Added two additional slime spawns to the Soldier starter quest. Learned a trick that allows all spawns to stop at the same time if the main slime is defeated.

- Adjusted all Thug spawns for the Donald Fhin quest to be event touch instead of player touch. This will make them harder to avoid when passing through the Ritwald Forest.

- Rewriting the Thug spawn event for the Donald Fhin quest. Expanded the Ritwald Forest encounters. If the player encounters the Thug Boss and defeats him all thug encounters are turned off in the Ritwald Forest. The Thug Boss gives the player a stern warning and the the party gains +1000xp.

- Fixed VSE DR 1% on the Thug encounters. Was being called in the wrong place like the previous events where before being fixed.

- Added 3 new items. Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. For the moment they are to sell to merchants so the player can make some money.

- Renamed cure poison cycle to Weeping Peddle Plant under common events. Added some additional text and a small HP regen effect that happens after use if the character is poisoned. Changed it so if the player interacts with the weeping peddle plant it gives them a message it cures poison.

- Fixed all instances of the weeping peddle plants in Ritwald Forest.

- Lowered entrance cost require to 1,000gp from 10,000 for first interaction with the Merchant Banker at the Reginald Bon'Claire house.

- Changed the merchant banker outside the gate to require a game tester book to see.

- Started Provisioner quest line.

- Finished Provisioner Quest line... finally :)

- Fixed various encounter bugs.


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