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Title: MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: P:TB_ver1.07
Post by: Andy on September 07, 2017, 11:45:15 AM

Patanica: The Beginning Pre-Alpha Ver: MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: P:TB_ver1.07 -- COMPLETE --




MFU Pre-Alpha Ver: P:TB_ver1.07

- Patched engine to latest version

- Set standardized formula for weapon pricing.
- Completed Merchant Banker Event. Rewrote and streamlined the event.
- Implementing new damage types for a more robust combat system. Weapon damage is now divided into three sub-damage types. All weapons will fall into Bludgeon, Pierce or Slash damage types. Some enemies will have resistances or vulnerabilities to specific damage types. The three main classes will favor one type of weapon damage. Curates will favor Bludgeon, Provisioners will favor Pierce damage and Soldiers will favor Slash damage.

All abilities will be updated to reflect types to encompass the updated system.

Updated Element Types List:
- Kinetic (changed from Physical)
- Fire
- Water
- Lightning (changed from Thunder)
- Ice
- Earth
- Air
- Light
- Darkness
- Bludgeon
- Pierce
- Slash
- Void
- Poison

This will allow an added layer of depth to combat.

- Enemies and armor are being updated to the new system.
- Various map fixes to Town of Ritwald and Ritwald Forest.
- Fixes to Town of Ritwald lead to partial redesign. The map is different ;-)


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